Lamaze International

Lamaze’s website has been recently re-designed and is incredible! This is the organization that teaches new parents and professionals about the ins and outs of birth with evidence-based facts. Find resources for parents, support, and tips for your Lamaze birth journey. Search for Lamaze childbirth classes near you to gain hands on experience. Could a childbirth class benefit you? Take this short quiz!

Evidenced Based Birth

If you are a lover of learning/research/finding the correct facts, this is your home website! I listen to Rebecca’s podcasts frequently and she does such a great job reviewing the latest scientific journals into easy to read or listen formats! There’s an evidenced based crash course, newsletter, and PDF handouts that are free sources.

La Leche League

This website deserves a view whether you are planning to breastfeed or not! This nonprofit was organized in 1956 by mothers who wanted to help other new mothers with breastfeeding, natural childbirth, and child-raising. Today, this organization expands the world with many local clubs – and if there is not one in your area, there are online support groups to keep you connected with other mothers who can help answer your questions and help provide support!

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