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Cesarean Sections – Making the Decision & Factual Infographic

Cesarean Sections are a sensitive, and somewhat controversial topic dependent on who you talk to. For some mothers, it was a life saving surgery to save them and their baby made at the last minute. For others, it was a choice for various reasons they decided to not have a natural labor (medical or personal, it was their choice).

For professionals, ob/gyns spend a lot of their training on learning to open a mother and get baby out in under 15 minutes for emergencies. And for other professionals like midwives, C-sections are to be avoided at all cost unless an emergency. In the United States, a third of babies are born by surgery. From a philosophical standpoint, it means it’s another way to be born. 

There is no right or wrong answer to if you should look into a C-section if you follow the BRAIN assessment or another rational way of thinking this hard decision through (See my blog post on how I made a hard decision). BRAIN is an acronym for finding what is the best, informative decision you can make for yourself and baby. 

B – Benefits

R – Risks

A – Alternatives

I – Intuition

N – Negotiation

By using the BRAIN acronym not only for C-section but for other childbirth interventions, you can be a powerful, confident mother in knowing yourself, knowing the pros and cons, and knowing how to talk to your healthcare providers constructively so that you both can reach a decision that balances your healthcare needs and rights as a human with the capabilities to choose your birth as best as possible.

2 thoughts on “Cesarean Sections – Making the Decision & Factual Infographic”

  1. Do you know the aproximate percentages that those c-section complications occur? I feel like that would be helpful information when making a decision.


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