Miscarriage And Still-Birth Support

Have you lost a baby and need support? Grieving is hard work, it takes time and drains energy, it takes far longer than friends and family may recognize. Be aware that your reactions are normal, and expect many ups and downs.

In response to the needs of the women who have suffered this kind of loss, you can access services which many women have found to be beneficial, both following their loss and also moving on to a further pregnancy. These service includes advice on counseling, relaxation, stress/anxiety management, pre-pregnancy care and support throughout a future pregnancy.

The experience of miscarriage and still birth is a highly emotional experience for a woman.

It is unique to each person and for many it is a time of great sadness and overwhelming feelings of loss and grief.

I have just lost my baby.

Why did this happen to me?

Did I do something wrong?

Will this happen again? 
How do I move on?

  Experiences include –

•   Grief
•   Anger

•   Heartbreak

•   Sorrow

•   Guilt

•   Depression

•   Despair & despondency

•   Sleep problems

•   Fear

•   Anxiety

•   Concerns about being able to conceive further children

•   Concerns about being able to carry further children to full term

As well as being a shocking and painful physical experience it can be a more subtle hormonal one. Women can find themselves feeling deeply unsettled, disappointed and empty for a long time.

Treatment with  complementary therapies can provide a safe supportive environment where difficulties can be sensitively explored. With caring support and the assistance of natural balancing treatments every person has within themselves the resources for self understanding and a way to a point of acceptance.

To access these types of support services in Australia, you can contact one of the following groups to start the journey towards acceptance. There are many other options listed at www.theperinatallosscentre.com.au/community-support.html:

  • SANDS: www.sands.org.au is a Not-for-profit organisation for bereaved parents following pregnancy loss from miscarriage stillbirth newborn death.
  • APPN: www.antenatalandpostnatalpsychology.com.au The Antenatal & Postnatal Psychology Network is a Melbourne wide network of independently practising psychologists who are trained and experienced in supporting women and couples who have experienced perinatal loss, are struggling with pregnancy decision making, and who are adjusting to conception, pregnancy and parenting after loss.
  • Pink Elephant Support Network: www.pinkelephantssupport.com Provides information and support for women through miscarriage, pregnancy loss and beyond. The group supports women through their grief, nurtures them as they heal and empower them as they move into the future.  There are a number of resources available in their website including useful information about miscarriage stages, support brochures and downloadable resources. 

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