What Is A Natural Birth

A natural childbirth is known as an unmedicated birth. The baby is delivered without the use of drugs or surgery during labor. When speaking with couples about natural birth, you will commonly hear a common theme of: “Birth is a natural process, and it should not be considered a medical procedure.”

Not surprisingly, the Western medical community considers this belief as “radical,” but it is undeniably true. It truly is possible for women to have a wonderful, peaceful birth that is free of drugs and unnecessary medical intervention in a hospital setting.

One of the first steps to this reality is to that it natural childbirth IS POSSIBLE. Once you have overcome any doubt, you must find a doctor (or midwife) who supports your beliefs, and you must seek out training in order to learn about the labor process.

There are so many advantages to having a natural childbirth. When you take a natural childbirth class, such as the Bradley Method, you are able to learn all about the great reasons why it is so valuable to pursue a natural childbirth.

The following are three advantages to a natural birth:

1. Having a natural birth is best for the mother. If the mother is not drugged during labor, then she will have a completely different experience during her child’s birth – a significantly more fulfilling and beautiful experience. The mother will also feel that she is in control of the health of her baby and in control of her labor.

2. Having a natural birth is best for the baby. If a baby is born, free of drugs and medical intervention, then the baby naturally arrives in a much more active and alert state. This fact allows for a greater advantage for mother and child to begin breastfeeding after birth. When viewing videotapes of undrugged babies vs. drugged babies after birth, it is easy to see the difference. The babies who have not been drugged are active and responsive, while the babies who have been drugged have a very hard time moving around and responding to others. This significantly affects early breastfeeding success.

3. Having a natural birth is better for the whole family. A very amazing thing happens when an undrugged, alert and active baby is put on the belly of his or her mother: a magical bond begins between the new baby and mother. The baby naturally nudges its way up to the mother’s breast and begins to suckle. The baby will make significant eye contact with the mother and father and respond to them. This bond simply does not begin the same way when a mother and baby have been drugged with childbirth medication.

It must be known that you cannot have a successful, natural childbirth unless you take measures and active steps before you birth your child. You and your partner must both choose to believe in the power to birth naturally. As a new mother, you will use that power (to birth naturally) that exists in every woman.
Along with your partner, you must seek out a doctor or midwife that shares those same beliefs with you. As a team, you and your partner must train for the birth. This training is very important so you know what to expect during labor, how to handle labor pains and what to do at different stages of the birth.

It is also important to prepare a birth plan so you can easily make your desires known to the medical staff once you are in a hospital setting, if you choose that option. The birth plan states your wishes in relation to: the use of childbirth drugs, birth positions, electronic fetal monitoring, episiotomies, etc… Keep in mind that when you start to prepare your birth plan, all of the options available can be overwhelming. However, once you research the best choices for you and your baby, it is a wonderful feeling when you see how all of these options make sense

There are many different settings for you to have a natural birth. These are the top five:

* In a hospital setting- with an “enlightened” doctor
* In a hospital setting- with a midwife
* At a birthing center- with a midwife
* At your home- with a midwife
* Unassisted at home

It is valuable to take a look at these five options, and decide which is best for you and your baby by weighing the benefits and the risks.

Also, if you choose to have a natural childbirth, it is important to start researching the subject far in advance and to also take a natural childbirth class.

Frequently Asked Questions About Natural Birth

How can I practice natural labor?

Exercises such as walking, swimming, and squats can help you prepare for your pregnancy. A prenatal partners class and practice positions or massage techniques at home are other ways to prepare your body physically for the work you’ll do during labor. Make sure your mind is prepared.

Does natural birth mean no drugs?

In the past, natural childbirth meant a labor and birth without pain medications or “drugs.” The birth occurs without an epidural or narcotics and the birthing parent copes without any pharmaceutical support. A natural birth has tended to be redefined these days as a vaginal birth experience that is planned and hoped for.

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