Who I Am

The Short Story: I’m a passionate lover of learning and babies. I’m a woman who cares about the birth stories and entrances that we all make on Earth. I believe every mother deserves the rights to an informed birth.

As part of your childbirth education team my goal is to help you find information of what labor will be like, how you can ease labor, what your provider will ask for during birth, what foods you can eat, etc. My goal is to help you find your new identity as a mother and keep your self and spirit alive through this transition of new motherhood. I am NOT a medical provider and do not have all the answers. But I hope with my passion and knowledge from my training, education, and experience I can help you have a successful transition from babyless to babyfull.

quad babies
My younger siblings born 26 months after I was born. Pretty much my earliest recollection is having four babies in the house to help care for, tease and torment, and love.

The Long Story: I think part of me always loved babies, even before I began to see a career with them, and I’ll blame that one on my siblings! When I was 2 years old my mom gave birth to quadruplets. Three girls + one boy = four healthy babies. I have no recollection of a life without them, but there are some amazing home videos my dad recorded so we can relive the ‘glory days’ of five babies/toddlers in the house.

My newborn sister and I ❤

But really when my littlest sister was born I was able to be more responsible and care for her. I begged my mom to let her sleep in my room when she came home from the hospital. I was only ten years old but loved caring for her… even when she had jaundice and our shared room was 90 degrees and bright with the ultraviolet light making it hard to sleep!

In high school I read as many books as I could about women and children’s rights. And in college I switched gears a little and got my Bachelors in Neuroscience with a minor in Spanish. Yet I couldn’t stay away from women’s health – my Honors Thesis was on female genital cosmetic surgery and the psychology of beauty standards in America. It was a whirlwind of a project complete with vagina cookies at my thesis defense.

The following year I worked at an all girls summer camp and as a kids ski instructor, followed by obtaining my license as a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator. My dream is to become a nurse midwife, but life and health concerns have taken me on a journey I did not see and I have entered new doors and new chapters I did not see coming (but who really does??). I’m still on that journey but I’m feeling more optimistic about understanding that what will be will be, and to do my best every day towards bettering myself and our world. This website is part of my gift to friends, family, and new families.

family shenanigans
Our annual tradition growing up – Climbing Old Man’s Mountain in Estes Park, Colorado.